About Us

Begonia Industrial Services Pvt Ltd (BISPL) was established with a vision to provide high quality service to a variety of industries not just in India but also outside India. BISPL is a young and energetic company with aspirations to become one of the leading provider of a variety of services spanning information technology, law, media, mythology, and infrastructure. BISPL is the parent company to Begonia Information Systems, Begonia Legal Consultants, Begonia Infrastructure, Begonia Mythological Services, and Begonia Media Services.

BISPL was established in 2004 by T. Ramachandra Row as a hub of companies traversing through various industries and providing dedicated and specialized service to clients within a specified timeframe.

BISPL with its tagline of “Commitment with Bright Ideas” aims to uphold its status as strict adherer of quality, sincerity, capability and diligence, while executing a project for its client. The company banks on dignity, accessibility and sustainability to develop projects. The strong point of the company is its team of highly skilled employees. The company uses the domain expertise of its employees to deliver projects as per requirement of clients.

BISPL aims to provide equal, sustained and excellent working opportunity to its employees, who are encouraged to take up responsibility of a project on their own and deliver quality products as per the requirement of the clients. The employees are prompted to be able to perform multitasking in an effort to improve their ability to perform at the highest level despite pressure.